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Week Six NFL Picks. .500

With last week’s most righteous predictifying I have erased the memories of my humiliating 4-11-1 week one (OH GOD THE SHAME) and returned to a most mediocre .500. Considering I was 10-20-2 through two weeks I’m pretty stoked to be back at .500 actually. NFL gambling is brutally confusing. Vegas can be so unbelievably great with their lines sometimes and so staggeringly bad others. It’s bizarre when, for instance, the Buccaneers are three point underdogs to the 49ers and the Bucs lose by 45. I wonder how that is even possible sometimes. Oh, did I mention that I picked Tampa Bay plus the three? Because I did. And I reckon more than a few people did as well.

A wise man once told me (internet) that three points is essentially the default number every home team starts with. Bookmakers tend to assume that sleeping in your own bed the night before, playing in friendly confines, and the travel strain the other guys endure is enough to give home teams a three-point advantage right out of the gate.

When I saw that San Francisco was a three-point favorite over Tampa Bay I figured it was all about the cross-country travel for the Bucs, especially coming off a Monday Night Football appearance and the dreaded short week. Taking three points against a team that has been miserable for years seemed like a really great idea at the time. In fact, if I saw that line again this week I might make the same decision. The Buccaneers seemed like they were ready to contend coming into this season, and the 49ers looked like they might be on the Suck for Luck Failure Tour. But sometimes you just can’t tell. Even the experts blow it sometimes.

Presented without comment. Picks:

Last Week: 9-4

Season: 37-37-3

PACKERS (-15) over Rams

Eagles (-3) over REDSKINS

LIONS (-4.5) over 49ers

Panthers (+4) over FALCONS

Colts (+7) over BENGALS

Bills (+3) over GIANTS

RAVENS (-8) over Texans

RAIDERS (-7) over Browns

Cowboys (+7) over PATRIOTS

BUCCANEERS (+5) over Saints

Vikings (+3) over BEARS

JETS (-7) over Dolphins

Jaguars (+13) over STEELERS

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