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Morning Cuts: September 28 2011


  • Prince Fielder discovered the key to ensuring his team wins every single game it plays. All he has to do is hit three home runs. Which he did. And the Brewers beat the Pirates 6-4. Tonight at 8:10 the Bucs take the field for the last time this season and finally escape the nightmare that was the last three months. (box)
  • The Pens lived out the ultimate unreality last night, allegedly playing a hockey game in Kansas City. I say allegedly because there was no television broadcast and Matt Niskanen scored in the eighth round of the shootout to lift the Pens to victory, and that sentence is so hard to believe that I am not convinced it actually happened.
  • I like that, since everybody else is blowing up the offensive line and running game, Dejan Kovacevic decides to destroy Timmons and Woodley. All I gather from this article is that they don’t have the sack and tackle-for-loss numbers pursuant to the big money contracts they signed this offseason, which is ridiculous because they’ve played 12 freaking quarters.
  • In which the Trib pumps Ike Taylor’s tires five days before he goes up against Andre Johnson.
  • Welcome Trai Essex back to the offensive line. fffffFFFFUUUUUU
  • Finally, in the way that only Mike Tomlin could do, coach refers to the Houston Texans as “a quality outfit.” Don’t ever change, coach T.
  • The Bucs will absolutely, positively, definitely defeat the Brewers to take the series in Milwaukee
  • I always find it amazing when a 162 game baseball season comes down to the last day to determine who makes the playoffs. Today, though, four teams’ playoff hopes hang in the balance. In the AL, the Rays and Red Sox are locked in a dead heat for the wild card, while in the NL the Cardinals and Braves are all tied up heading into tonight’s games. Depending on the outcomes of these games, we could have two one-game playoffs tomorrow for post-season berths. Unreal.
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