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Morning Cuts: September 23, 2011


  • Remember last year how the Pens were dead to rights if they were behind after two periods? I can’t find the exact numbers, but at no point last year did they win a game in which they trailed after two periods. Not a single one. So you’ll forgive me if after the second period last night, with the Pens trailing 1-0, I wrote off any chance of a comeback. But then Jordan Staal took over the game, and Matt Cooke — whose hands we have been told are reserved for dirty work only — deftly deflected a Craig Adams wrister off his stick shaft Sidney Crosby style, and Tyler Kennedy — whose name was called about ten times each shift — slid home another, and the Pens won 4-1. I don’t need to remind you that this was preseason, but to many of the guys in that locker room last night it had to feel good to exorcise that demon of last year no matter what the circumstances.
  • The Pens made a bunch of cuts yesterday, most surprisingly among them was defenseman Simon Despres. He absolutely owned the QMJHL last year (13-28-41 and a +29) and by all accounts he was solid to start camp. It seemed like a lock he would get to play at least one preseason game so the coaching staff could gauge where he stood among some NHL talent. He’ll be with the WB/S Penguins to start their regular season.


  • Bryant McFadden out, BPWG in.
  • The Colts have only scored two touchdowns in two games. This clearly sucks, but it bears remembering that the Steelers only have four touchdowns in two games.
  • 8 quarters, no turnovers.
  • This is a whatever article about Ike Taylor, but I include it because this is like the fifth day in a row the PG has run an article about a specific Pittsburgh sports figure with an accompanying photo of someone completely different. Maybe this is why the Trib is crushing them in sports coverage? Oh wait no it’s because the PG still employs Ron Cool and Bob Smizik.
  • I give Ron Cook a lot of shit. I think his writing is mostly cliched and boring, his arguments are often flimsily rooted in opinion rather than fact, and I don’t even want to get in to how bad his radio show is. So, I do not like Ron Cook. I have to recognize, though, that his article today, in which he eviscerates Notre Dame’s Athletic Director Jack Swarbick, is a thing of beauty. Final line: “I want to gag. Like Notre Dame is so pure. What garbage.”
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