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Morning Cuts: September 22, 2011


  • It was only one game — an exhibition — against half of the Red Wings true NHL squad. But after what Pens fans had to deal with last year starting in October with Jordan Staal, then in January with Sid, and again in February with Geno, you can’t help but be excited by what you saw last night. If Malkin can maintain last night’s level of play over an 82-game season he might score 60 goals. Maybe it’s just been too long since I’ve seen him play, but I can’t recall him skating that fluidly or looking that physically dominant since the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals. When he is on that level he might be the best player in the game.
  • Some dudes on NHL.com think the Pens are the favorites in the east.
  • Josh Yohe has a look at the defenseman fighting for roster spots. Niskanen scored a goal last night, bringing us one step closer to my nightmare of having to watch him fumble around at the blue line to start the season.
  • Article about where Letestu fits in, featuring a photo of Pascal Dupuis.
  • “It’s pretty obvious I haven’t pitched well this year,” Ross Ohlendorf.
  • Gerrit Cole, the Bucs #1 overall draft pick from UCLA, will pitch in the Arizona Fall League. This is a good first step for him, I think. The talent will be more concentrated than it was in college which should give him enough of a challenge that he’ll have some rough outings while not being so great that it shakes his confidence. Hey maybe he can take Pedro with him!
  • PirateFest will be held in December this year — conveniently before Christmas so you can get that little bastard in your life something else that sucks besides a lump of coal.
  • Great Big Ben’s knee is healing nicely after taking a couple of low blows last week. He doesn’t expect to be wearing a knee brace Sunday night.
  • The Steelers will use the old silent count in the dome this week in an attempt to combat the intense crowd noise that will be pumped in through the PA system.
  • The running game sucks.
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