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Morning Cuts: September 21 2011


  • It doesn’t matter how lost this season is, it’s just better when the Pirates win. Nobody notices besides the handful of Bucs fans that are left cheering in vain for some sign of life, but when we see that life we feel a little less ridiculous about still caring. (box)
  • Pedro will not play winter ball, instead opting to “get some rest” and “push the reset button” while “getting [his] feet under him.” But he hit a home run last night so no big deal.
  • The Pirates “Player to be Named Later” from the Matt Diaz-to-Atlanta deal is class A pitching prospect Ellecer Cardenas. This season he sported a 2.11 ERA in 59 2/3 IP, striking out 76 (wow) and walking 35 (which is way too many). His high walk rate would lead me to believe he throws a lot of breaking stuff and less fastballs, but I can’t find anything to prove that theory.
    • Also  it should be recognized that this is one of those deals Neal Huntington pulled off that hardly anyone will notice, but is a big deal. Matt Diaz was beyond horrible for Pittsburgh this season and to find a team to take him off the Bucs’ hands while getting a pretty decent looking prospect in the process goes down as a great move. I realize Huntington brought Diaz here in the first place, but there’s something to be said for cleaning up that mistake.
  • My preseason prediction: Richard Park becomes a cult hero for this new generation of Pens fans who never realized he was a Penguins a million years ago, scores ten goals.
  • Wow did you dudes know MAF went to AFRICA this offseason?!
  • Courtesy of the Mike Tomlin Quote Machine.
  • Coach T says Brett Keisel is “probably questionable at best,” for Sunday night’s game in Indy. He strained his PCL last week against the Seahawks. Assuming Keisel can’t go, Ziggy Hood will get his 13th career start in Keisel’s place.
  • The Pens take on the Red Wings in the first preseason game of the year. Hell yes.
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  1. xocarmina
    September 21, 2011 at 11:30 am

    And Giants fans! Giants fans notice a Pirates win! (though the SF loss yesterday whittled down the AZ number to 3, but hope glimmers briefly). Speaking of Matt Diaz, here’s Matt Diaz on Braves’ Star Wars night:

    • September 21, 2011 at 11:37 am

      How are you going to feel when Clayton Kershaw wins the Cy? Disappointed because he is a Dodger, or happy because he’s so dreamily handsome?

  2. xocarmina
    September 21, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    Better him than Ian Kennedy. He’s totally deserving of the Cy Young and seems like a good guy, and is obviously sexy. I’m disappointed that he’s only 23 and will continue to brutalize Giants baseball for at least 10 more years

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