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Morning Cuts: September 20 2011


  • The 162 game season is cruel to a team like the Pirates. Night after night, long after this season’s fate has been sealed, they trot out onto the field and try to keep from embarrassing themselves. Lately they have been failing miserably.
    It’s especially difficult to see them play the Diamondbacks this year, as the Dbacks managed to become what the Pirates hoped they would be. In July, both teams were surprisingly atop their respective divisions. Now, with seven games left, the Bucs are once again a joke and Arizona has all but locked up the most surprising playoff berth baseball has seen in years. (box)
  • Jeff Karstens, who has pitched nearly 50 innings more this season than any of his previous seasons, won’t pitch again this year.
  • The Pedro Alvarez winter ball saga continues. It is not clear to me if it is Alvarez who doesn’t want to go or if there is an outside agency telling him it’s a bad idea. It also is not clear how much Huntington has spoken with Alvarez about playing winter ball. I can’t understand how it could possibly be a bad thing for Alvarez, who only had 410 total plate appearances this year between four different leagues.
  • Brian Strait wants to block shots and wreck your shit.
  • Incredible quote from newly acquired Pens enforcer Steve McIntyre regarding Crosby, “My job is to make sure his transition back to hockey goes smoothly.”
  • When the schedule came out I was really looking forward to this Sunday’s game against the Colts. Now, after the Colts dropped their home opener to the Browns, I look at is as the kind of game that the Steelers should be able to win with relative ease. Has there ever been a single player who meant as much to a football team as Peyton means to the Colts?
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