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Morning Cuts: September 19, 2011


  • Old and decrepit, the Pittsburgh Steelers somehow managed to throttle the Seattle Seahawks 24-0 yesterday at Heinz Field. Roethlisberger threw for nearly 300 yards and a touchdown, Mendenhall recorded a rushing score, and the defense racked up five sacks. Totally washed up.
  • Ben will undergo an MRI on his knee today to make sure there isn’t any serious damage after sustaining a low hit in the second quarter from Raheem Brock. This is more of a precautionary move as no serious damage is expected.
  • Marcus Gilbert probably earned himself another start next week. Which is especially good, because there aren’t really any other options.
  • In which Ron Cook types “Bada-Bing!” more than once.
  • 15-1.
  • “Ross [Ohlendorf] is due for some element of a raise,” — Neal Huntington. This Ohlendorf dude is some sort of arbitration mastermind.
  • Delirious Pirate writer attempts to compare Alex Presley to Jacoby Ellsbuy.
Penguins: Training camp is here. The season opens in like two weeks. I can’t even register how excited I am for this season. There is more information on the internet about the Pens than I can comprehend. Here are some quick nuggets:
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