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Morning Cuts September 14 2011


  • It gets worse. It gets stupider. All of the things I wanted to prattle on about have already been covered by Pat Lackey at the essential WHYGAVS, so I’ll add the following. Nobody in his right mind would have blamed Andrew McCutchen had  he decided to pack it in when the calendar rolled over to September to save some energy and to try to avoid injury while playing out yet another string of meaningless games. Here, he has done exactly the opposite. Even before his massive game-tying two-run homer last night, he played with the same intensity and focus (running out grounders, hustling in the outfield, quality at-bats) you would expect him to have if he were in Yankee pinstripes, battling for playoff positioning. I realize the Bucs own his rights for a few more years, but by all accounts the two sides aren’t even close (sub. req’d). As a Pirate fan, this concerns me. The farm system is not yielding the kind of talent one expected it to at this point and Andrew McCutchen is a proven MLB star who is only getting better. This is our Derek Jeter, our Hanley Ramirez, our Ken Griffey Jr., and I really hope we don’t blow it. (box)
  • Dejan Kovacevic sat down with Pedro Alvarez who, stunningly, may not play winter baseball despite batting .189 and having missed two months with injury. Alvarez says he’s considering winter ball, but the organization hasn’t spoken with him about it yet. To which I say, WTF mate? MAKE HIM PLAY WINTER BALL DO SOMETHING PLEASE HELP.
  • The Pens will be wearing their Crosby-killing Winter Classic jerseys 12 times this season. These sweaters will replace the old third jersey worn the past few years.
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