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Morning Cuts: September 13 2011


  • A feel-good win for the Bucs last night as they downed the Cardinals 6-5. Pedro Ciriaco, the player who has been called up to the Pirates and sent down to Indianapolis so frequently that Clint Hurdle joked he had taken more flights than at-bats, delivered the game-winning hit in the bottom of the eighth. With the bases loaded and two outs, Ciriaco fell behind in the count 1-2 before poking one over Albert Pujols’ head and into the right-field corner giving the Bucs a 6-4 lead. Joel Hanrahan came in for the ninth and allowed a million baserunners and a run before finally nailing down the victory. (box)
  • Good news for Paul Maholm.
  • Despite getting the start last night, Pedro Alvarez will be splitting time at third with Josh Harrison.
  • The Pens were out and about yesterday, delivering season tickets. Rumors of Michalek blocking ticket deliveries have not been confirmed.
  • Crosby is unsure how much he will be able to participate in training camp.
  • Speaking of camp, there are a ton of jobs up for grabs.
  • Until Sid is healthy, Geno knows this is his team.
  • Willie Colon suffered a torn triceps on Sunday and is likely done for the season. Colon, who was signed to a 5 year contract this summer, missed all of last year as well with a ruptured Achilles tendon. Colon was undoubtedly the second best lineman on the Steelers and his absence will create even more confusion for the offensive line that  looked confused enough already on Sunday.
  • Neal Coolong at Behind the Steel Curtian has an interesting take on how to remedy the Colon injury.
As you are no doubt aware, Ron Jaworski said “shit” on the air last night, a transgression for which he humbly apologized. In his apology he said that he was sorry for using a word he shouldn’t have, and he hoped he didn’t offend anyone by using the word. I appreciate his apology, but not nearly as much as I appreciate his use of the word “shit” on Disney’s airwaves. I think it is delightful that “Jaws” is so comfortable talking football to millions and millions of people that he slips into his bar-buddy talk and starts casually sliding in profanities.
Swearing is a part of sports.There isn’t a single play in football that doesn’t include some sort of on-field profanity. Last night Julian Edelman was picked up accidentally by the parabolic mic screaming “FUCK” after getting tripped up during a punt return. This added to my enjoyment of the play. I think we need to embrace it. Football is violent as hell anyway, why not include the swearing? Cross the line completely and make it TV-MA and let the announcers loose. How great would it be to hear Mike Tirico say, “Wow that Tom Brady sure looks like a pussy, but he can sling that goddamned rock.” High fives all around.
Furthermore, who was Jaws “offending” by saying “shit?” I could understand if he said something like, “Henne could have made this throw if he wasn’t such a little bitch amirite?” and he offended the female viewers. But he said “shit,” and used it almost poetically, to emphasize just how seriously he took that poor throw by Henne. You think he offended the under-18 viewership? Here is a news flash: Kids hear this sort of language ALL THE TIME. I learned how to swear when I was in third grade. Kids watching last night’s game either hear the word “shit” one million times on the school bus every day or they’re too young to be paying attention to what the announcers are saying anyway. And if you are an adult and you were offended, you need to get your head examined. Get over it. People make mistakes. Shit happens.
What does it MEAN?
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