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Morning Cuts: September 8 2011


  • The Bucs defeated the Astros last night 5-4. I hate the Astros. This is a realization that I came to last night. I don’t like Clint Barmes. I hate Carlos Lee. J.A. Happ has a stupid name. I do not like these people. I cannot come up with any earthly reason why. Well, Carlos Lee is fairly hateable, but the rest of them have never done anything worth hating.  And it wasn’t always this way; I LOVED the Killer B’s in the 90’s. I thought it was awesome when they made it to the World Series in 2005. But now? Rage. Maybe it’s because every year it seems like a race between the Bucs and Stros to see who can keep from being labeled the worst team in baseball — one team constantly stepping on the other in a desperate attempt to gain footing to climb out of the NL Central basement. Maybe it’s because the Pirates, with their rich tradition and historical significance in baseball, should be better than a team that has only been around since 1962, has never really contributed to baseball folklore, and plays in an awfully stupid stadium. Anyway, I hate the Astros. But I love me some Andrew McCutchen. He hit two home runs last night! PAY THAT MAYN HEES MAANEY. (box)
  • Jeff Locke will start in place of Charlie Morton on Saturday. The Bucs will then implement a six-man rotation for a bit.
  • Ike Taylor is trying to figure out if he wants to drop interceptions with or without a cast on his broken hand.
  • If Ben can get any kind of pass protection from his O-line, Sunday will be a long day for Baltimore’s secondary.
  • It is no longer not football season.
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