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Morning Cuts: Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit


  • SWEPT. BY THE ASTROS. With the sweep the ‘Stros improve to 13 games under .400. Seriously.
  • Somehow the Bucs found a bunch of chump ass fools to take Matt Diaz off their hands. The washed up utility man was sent off to Atlanta for a player to be named later or cash. I am hearing the player to be named later is Jason Heyward. Sike naw it’s like David Justice or some shit.
  • Doug Legursky is your starting right guard.
  • Cool piece on Carnell Lake. Lake was one of my favorite players during the Bubby Brister days. Those were some lean times, man.
  • GET PUMPED! STEELER GAMEDAY! The fourth and final preseason game for the  Steelers is in Carolina tonight as a bunch of third and fourth stringers try to make the practice squad! Kickoff at 8:00pm. I swear that hurricane was a week early.
  • The Dodgers are in town for a makeup game against the Indianapolis Indians. First pitch at 4:o5.
For the third time this summer the NHL is mourning a death of one of its own. Wade Belak, former enforcer for several NHL teams, was found dead in a Toronto hotel room yesterday afternoon. He was 35.
Belak was a beast. An enforcer. For every goal he scored he racked up 157 penalty minutes. His job was to bang bodies on the fourth line and fight the nastiest sonofabitch on your team. But for all of that grit and nasty he had kindness and warmth to match. To read the tweets of his former teammates is to read the story of a man who smiled constantly and gave back to the community with excitement and passion.
Derek Boogard and Rick Rypien, the other two NHLers to pass away this summer, were players cut from the same cloth as Belak; their jobs to treat their bodies like wrecking balls. They used their fists as much as their hockey sticks. I lack the medical training to make definitive connections between the tragic and sudden deaths of these men and their roles on the ice. The lazy conclusion is linking fighting with brain damage and, ultimately, premature death. While a connection may exist, much remains to be discovered about the passing of these players before we storm the NHL’s castle demanding change. For now all that can be done is mourning and remembering the lives of those taken too soon.
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