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Morning Cuts: August 31 2011


  • The only way this series could be going worse is if it was at home. As it is the Bucs are in Houston and the Steelers start playing meaningful games in a week, the Pitt Panthers open their season this weekend, and high school football starts tomorrow. As far as sports reports are concerned you’ll typically get a Steeler injury update, a quick preview of Saturday’s Pitt game, and one of those, “Aaaaand the Pirates lost to Houston last night 8-2OKAY SO HOW MUCH DO YOU HATE RAY LEWIS?” This is for the better.
  • The Pirates traded John Bowker to the Phillies for “future considerations.” Come oooooon Jimmy Rolins!
  • Joe “Jugs” Beimel is taking his talents to his garden.
  • Dejan Kovacevic gives us eleven (good?) reasons to still watch Pirate baseball.
  • The Pensblog has excerpts from an interview with Jaromir Jagr (via Broad Street Hockey) in which Jagr claims to have zero understanding as to why Pens fans could ever be upset with him.
  • Mark Madden brings his particular brand of Pittsburgh homerism to Puck Daddy.
  • Pirates attempt to stop the bleeding in Houston as they send J-MAC up against J.A. Happ (8:05)
The NFL and the NFLPA are donating $1mm to a few 9/11 memorials and charities. This certainly a kind act and the NFL and NFLPA is not in any way required to donate anything to anyone ever. But on the heels of a collective bargaining agreement valued in the several billions it seems a little tone deaf of these organizations to believe that this could be considered particularly generous.
The Pirates are raising ticket prices next year. The average price for a seat in America’s greatest ballpark will increase from $15.30 to $16.11. Eighty-one cents. The majority of this increase will be in the lower-level seating areas, which will see an increase of around $3. It is likely that the seats the vast majority of us sit in will be unaffected by this increase.
I heard several people on the radio this morning whining about this. The general complaint is that the Pirates are woeful once again and how dare Coonelley ask us to pay more for such an inferior product. There is no sense of history or perspective. Read the paragraph above once again. This is the first increase in ticket prices in a decade and the seats that will see the increases will be the seats that already cost $60 and above to begin with. If you can afford to spend $60 you can afford to spend $63.
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