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Morning Cuts: August 30, 2011


  • The Bucs stuck out a staggering 16 times last night in a 7-4 loss to the woeful Houston Astros. When I looked at the lineup the Astros put on the field last night I figured if Ross Ohlendorf could get through the fifth inning with a lead the Bucs would be able to rely on the bullpen to shut down the Astros. As it turned out Ohlendorf did make it through five but Grilli and Veras combined for a truly staggering meltdown that culminated with Carlos Lee doing the only thing Carlos Lee is good for anymore — barely — hitting a home run into the left field seats. It is sad that five weeks ago we were talking about a possible trip to the playoffs, but ultimately the Pirates took a roundabout way to getting where they always end up anyway.
  • Jeff Karstens, jealous of Kevin Correia’s strained oblique, will miss his next start.
  • The Steelers have cut their roster to the league-mandated 80 men.
  • It looks like Doug Legursky will start at right guard Thursday night, and it seems as though Charlie Batch is the frontrunner to be the Steelers #2 quarterback.
  • The Steelers have a little more than $2.2mm in cap space.
  • Charlie Batch gets all up in Goodell’s face about his suspension of Terrelle Pryor citing that Pryor will serve an NFL suspension for something he did while he wasn’t, you know, employed in any way by the NFL. But we all know Roger has never been one to let facts get in the way of a good suspension.
I know Joe Namath is a legendary NFL player. I know he is from Beaver Falls. But really, all anyone under the age of 30 actually knows about Joe Willie is that he likes to get tossed on Schlitz and hit on sideline reporters. Oh, and he loves wet cheerleaders. That’s why I find it a little troubling that his alma mater is going to honor him Friday night during their home football opener. I don’t wish to take anything away from his professional career but the dude is kind of off his rocker these days and it seems like an irresponsible decision to let him loose around a few hundred high schoolers. The great news for those of us who can’t be in attendance is that this appearance is going to be filmed as part of an HBO documentary on the life and times of Broadway Joe. I can only hope at some point we get to see him chasing around cheerleaders with a bucket full of water. “WHERE YOU GOIN’ GIRLS I GOT A PARTY BALL IN THE VAN!”
If you don’t read Joe Posnanski, it sucks to be you.
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