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Morning Cuts: August 29 2011


  • In the wake of the Steelers 34-16 victory over the Falcons in Saturday’s preseason exhibition nobody cares the only thing that matters is the injuries game, there are a bunch of injuries.
    • Byron Leftwich’s forearm snapped like a composite hockey stick early in the second half. The Steelers have yet to place him on IR, although that seems likely.
      • Thus ends the third-string quarterback controversy in Pittsburgh. Batch and Dixon will be two/three on the depth chart in an order to be determined when Ben hits his head later this year.
    • Keenan Lewis fell on his knee in the first half and did not return. I can’t find any updates on his condition this morning, but after the game Mike Tomlin seemed to believe that he would be okay.
      • In any event, Crezdon Butler took over for Lewis and proceeded to rack up nine tackles and 95-yard pick six. The defensive backfield is in serious flux. The final preseason game against the Panthers will go a long way to determining who starts across from Ike Taylor in week one.
    • Casey Hampton hurt his arm, put an ice pack on it during the second half, and remained on the sidelines. No update on him this morning either.
      • Big Snack will be 34 in a few days, and the Steelers didn’t draft Ziggy Hood with their first pick in 2009 so he could stand on the sidelines and sign autographs “BIG ZIG” or whatever. There is no indication this morning that Hampton’s injury is serious. That said I wouldn’t expect him to play in the final preseason game against Carolina. BIG ZIG may get the start at NT in that one.
    • Miguel Chavis tore his pectoral muscle and was subsequently cut by the team today.
    • Mike Tomlin strained his Latissimus Dorsi reaching for the challenge flag in the first quarter. Dick LeBeau called him a pussy. Tomlin is expected to recover before the season opener.
  • Despite the fact that Maurkice Pouncey’s ankle injury has been classified by everyone within the Steelers organization as “minor,” human Valium Ron Cook devoted 715 words to freaking out about it.
  • Kevin Colbert showed up to work today to find a new title on the name plate on his office door. He was named General Manager by the team today: the first in team history.


  • The Bucs dropped another one to the Cards yesterday, 7-4. The Pirates lost three of four games in this series against the Cardinals despite leading every game at some point. (box)
  • Jeff Karstens was pretty lousy in the loss, lasting only 3 2/3 innings and allowing five runs on nine hits. It is no secret that Karstens has pitched poorly his last few starts. Clint Hurdle recognizes that, “He fatigued much quicker, for whatever reason. He wasn’t as sharp as he has been.” Karstens said after the game, “I felt a little something in my shoulder the last game, but it was a non-issue. It’s one of those things, you’ve got to grind through it.”
  • Contract talks with Andrew McCutchen have come to a standstill. Neal Huntington has done far more good than bad as General Manager of this team, and I feel confident that he will come to his senses and realize that Cutch is a franchise player. I realize the Pirates do not like to dole out huge contracts but there is no excuse for letting this player leave the Pirates. He is the poster boy for Huntington’s rebuilding plan.
  • The Bucs will have to decide if Ronny Ceneno’s glove is worth $3mm or $200k.
  • Pirates (Ohlendorf) at Houston (Rodriguez): Ohlendorf really struggled in his last start, lasting only five innings and allowing seven runs. Although, those seven runs were all allowed in one inning and he looked respectable after that. We’ll see if he fares any better against the light-hitting Astros.
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