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Morning Cuts: August 25, 2011


  • In a bizarre twist, the Pirates actually beat the Brewers yesterday, 2-0. Yeah, the Milwaukee Brewers. What’s that? Yes, yes, Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder did play. Huh? No, the Pirates did not kidnap Tim Lincecum and force him to pitch the game at gunpoint. Who did pitch? Only AARON THOMPSON! That’s right! The Aaron Thompson! The guy who has been dominating struggling in the minors since 2005 and rolled out of bed yesterday and struck out Prince Fielder en route to 4 1/3 scoreless innings. (box)
  • Alex Presley and Chase D’Arnaud will join the Pirates in St. Louis tonight. Thompson will be sent down presumably, but no announcement has been made.
  • Sidney Crosby kinda sorta released a statement yesterday about his squash.
  • Jack Butler, who never played high school football, played nine years in the NFL at cornerback. He  intercepted 52 balls in 103 games. Now, he may become a hall of famer.
  • Joe Starkey has a nice article about just how good Big Ben is. Sometimes I forget that he’s 40 games over .500 for his career.
  • When will Troy Polamalu and Mike Wallace get theirs?
Must Read of the Day:
  • Learn about concussions from someone who is, you know, an expert on concussions.
  • Pirates (Morton) at Cardinals (Jackson). The Bucs embark on a seven-game roadie. Here’s hoping Jose Tabata continues to make this team watchable.
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