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Morning Cuts: August 24, 2011


  • It was a good old fashioned beatdown at the yard last night: a beatdown I paid $18 dollars to witness live and in person. After the second inning I was kind of hoping for a truly epic beatdown (in the 20-0 fashion the Brewers laid on the Bucs last year) as it was fairly clear the Bucs were never going to climb out of that seven-run hole they dug for themselves in the 2nd inning. (box)
  • Ross Ohlendorf made his first start for the Bucs since April, which is not to say he was ready as much as the Pirates were desperate. This was fairly clear during a second inning in which he allowed seven runs on a billion hits. It didn’t help any that Ryan Doumit threw a bunt into right field and a couple poorly hit balls found their way to places where the Bucs weren’t. It was tough to tell from where I was sitting but it sure looked like Ohlendorf was just grooving fastball after fastball. Judging by his graph from last night that was definitely the case.
  • In calling up Ohlendorf for yesterday’s start the Bucs designated human Jugs machine Joe Beimel for assignment.
  • Former first-rounder Brad Lincoln will replace Kevin Correia in the rotation until Correia’s “oblique strain” heals up.
  • Relax everyone, it’s okay. Nelson Figueroa is here.
  • With Timmons and Woodley locked up, Kevin Colbert’s focus shifts to Troy Polamalu. Seems to me that Ed Bouchette has this one pretty well figured out.
Must Read of the Day:
  • Rob Rossi’s article on Matt Cooke absolutely kills it.
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