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Morning Cuts: August 22, 2011


  • Despite homers from Andrew McCutchen and Garrett Jones, the Bucs fell to the Reds yesterday 5-4 (box)
  • Speaking of Cutch, Cutch doesn’t seem to be doing much speaking with the Pirates regarding a contract extension.
  • Three words no baseball player ever wants to hear: Doctor James Andrews. It’s starting to look like we’ve seen the last of Paul Maholm in black and gold.
  • With their arms ailing, the Bucs signed veteran Aaron Heilman (stats) yesterday. He’ll head to Indianapolis for now, but it is likely he will be called upon in the coming weeks to help out in the bullpen.
  • David Todd as a good analysis of how the Bucs should handle their dire bullpen situation today at Bucs Dugout.
  • Terrelle Pryor met with the Steelers yesterday.
  • Scott Brown of the Trib has a good rundown of the current injury situation for the Steelers.
  • Ike Taylor doesn’t want to hear about how lousy the Steelers’ cornerbacks are.
  • Pirates vs. Brewers in a twinight doubleheader. Game 1 is Narveson vs. Karstens, game 2 is expected to be Greinke vs. Lincoln. Anyone with any pitching experience is encouraged to head to the yard tonight and sit near the bullpen. Just in case.
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