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A Quick Thought on Pedro Alvarez

To say Pedro Alvarez has been a disappointment to this point of his career would be a dramatic understatement. After showing huge improvements in triple-A  earlier this season, his most recent call-up to the majors left much to be desired. His defense is lackluster and he appears to be vastly overmatched by big-league pitching.

Pirate fans are understandably nervous about his lack of major league success. Alvarez is a cornerstone to this team’s success going forward — he is supposed to be the big bat we have been waiting for, and he was supposed to be a bigger part of the team this year than he has been. But let’s put his struggles into perspective. Perdro has played nearly one full season’s worth of games (151). extrapolated out to 162 games, his numbers look like this:

.235/.304/.397 (.702 OPS)

Terrible, yes. But check out the numbers of Aramis Ramirez after his first 163 games as a Pirate.

.223/.281/.334  (.615 OPS)

Somehow, even worse.

I’m not saying Alvarez will definitely develop into the kind of hitter Ramirez did. But I do think it’s worth taking a step back and realizing just how little major league experience he’s had, and how difficult the transition to the majors can be. The season following Ramirez’s 163rd game (2001), he hit .300/.350/.536 (.885 OPS) in 158 games.  Again, there’s no guarantee this will happen for Alvarez, but let’s not label him a huge bust quite yet.

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