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Joel Hanrahan is not a Cyborg

We have learned this weekend that Joel Hanrahan is not a machine placed upon this earth to throw upper 90s fastballs over the edges of home plate. He is a man who occasionally screws up. He screwed up twice this weekend, and the Pirates lost both of the games he screwed up.

It’s unfortunate, because the Pirates played well enough this weekend to take all three from the Reds. James MacDonald pitched quite solidly through five innings, allowing only one hit. In the 6th he allowed a walk and a hit, and then Joey Votto hit a home run over the center field fence. Off the end of the bat. Off balance. With one hand. It was ridiculous. 3-2 Reds.

The Bucs responded with authority in the bottom half of the 6th as Garrett Jones smoked an ankle-high pitch over the right field fence to re-take the lead. I love seeing Jones produce like this, but I really wish he’d have chosen to have this incredible month in July when, you know, the Pirates were in first place.

Hanrahan came on in the 9th and proceeded to let this one get away from him. It would be easy to say that he is wearing down as we get into the back end of the season, but he’s still hitting 97 (according to the ROOT Sports radar gun) and his location doesn’t seem particularly awful. It seems to me that the Reds are really good at hitting. And sometimes good pitchers get hit. That’s just the way it is. Hopefully The Hammer will get a chance to redeem himself in one of the two games against the Brewers tomorrow.

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