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Did you guys know Geocities is closed? I was devastated when I discovered this earlier in the week. Of all the things I have done on the internet I never got around to building a Geocities website. Apparently there is no longer any place in this world for an insane looking flash website completely devoid of content.

What is actually happening here? I am an unemployed househusband, father of one (dog). Having spent the last several years in San Francisco, and Baltimore before that, the Wiff and I trekked back to the place we both consider home. I, born and raised in Pittsburgh, she, a transplant from New Jersey who fell in love with this metropolitan area during her time in college at Carnegie Mellon. I recall fondly meeting her downtown one day when she turned to me and said, “What’s that smell?” and I could proudly reply, “Not garbage, my love. You have escaped New Jersey.”

My specialty is golf. Before relocating to the Steel City, I spent four terrific years as an assistant golf pro at one of the most amazing private courses in the Bay Area. Being a golf pro in San Francisco is spectacular. Trying to be a golf pro in Pittsburgh is less spectacular. The first three months of living back in Pittsburgh have yielded very little on the golf front. The credential I earned after five years and an education degree at Penn State has long expired, and in spite of the fact that the world needs ditch diggers too, I’ve never been great with a shovel. Now here I sit, staring at the dog day after day, and in desperate need of some better way to fill my time.

So I figured, why not do something that has never, ever been done ever in the history of mankind, and start a personal online website full of the Pittsburgh sports information that I love so very much. So here we are.

But this is so many words. There are a lot of me around this internet. Why would you ever read this?

The truth is that I do not care if you read this. I am doing this because the only things that I have ever been decent at and truly enjoyed are being a golf pro and writing. And since I can’t very well start my own golf course, I’mma start this here webspace instead.

I am looking forward to this.

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  1. Jeff Miele
    September 8, 2011 at 10:17 am

    Hey are you a pro or can you play on my team in the Ambrose Invitational at grandview golf club on the Sep. 24th??? Welcome back. We miss the days of Jaemo at Grandview. Let me know if you can play. Jeff Miele

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