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Pirates Extend Jose Tabata

The Pirates have made another huge move for their future signing Jose Tabata to a guaranteed six-year deal (with three (!) additional option years) worth a potential $37.25 million. If this doesn’t excite you as a Pirate fan, nothing will.

I find this week of signing and spending to be a welcome development from a front office that has been promising it’s fanbase that there is a plan and a vision for the franchise going forward. With the refusal to trade their blue-chippers at the deadline, the $17 million they spent on the draft, and this commitment to one of their cornerstone pieces it really seems like Huntington has an idea of what he wants to do.

The other thing I think is important to note here is that the contract is only guaranteed through 2016. Tabata has played barely one full season’s worth of games at the big league level. He certainly seems like he belongs (.285/.348/.385 in 175 games), but there are some valid concerns about the tiny sample size we have to deal with. Also, I think Pat Lackey is rightfully worried that Tabata’s value is in his ability to hit for average, which is directly impacted by his speed. At 5’11”, 220 lbs. he’s a bulky dude who runs well for his size. But if he’s anything like the rest of us, it won’t get any easier to maintain that weight as he gets older. The beauty is if he fails to live up to his potential the Bucs haven’t wasted a ton of money on him, but if he does become the star he looks like he could be, the Bucs can hang on to him.

Also, earlier in the day, Ben Nicholson-Smith reported that the Bucs were in talks with Neil Walker about an extension. Exciting times for the Pirates.

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